1. Pro-Choice
    I believe that any choice that a woman makes about her body is between her and her professional caregiver, including decisions around family planning.
  2. Freedom of Belief or Non-Belief
    I support the very personal choice to subscribe to a religious or spiritual path or none at all. I believe that right should be upheld at all times in all places/spaces.
  3. Cannabis
    I support immediate declassification, decriminalization, and regulation of all forms of cannabis including industrial hemp. I believe that the barriers to entry – specifically the costs associated with applying for a marijuana dispensary license in the state – should be removed to encourage more participation by small, minority-owned and veteran business owners. I also believe that industrial hemp production could serve as a major untapped revenue source as the demand for American made hemp-based products has remained astronomically high over the last decade.
  4. LGBTQIA Two Spirit Communities
    I support Community members right to marry, have/raise children and live their own lives as they see fit anywhere in the state of Connecticut and across the country. I believe any action to restrict access to services and goods at public and private venues based on sexual orientation and/or presentation is a blatant form of discrimination and should considered a hate crime.
  5. Universal Healthcare for All Residents and Citizens
    I support full and equitable access to comprehensive healthcare from prenatal visits to hospice care, regardless of the ability to pay.
  6. Universal Education for All Residents and Citizens
    I support free daycare, preschool, secondary and postsecondary education for all, including vocational training in high-demand trades.
  7. Pay & Gender Equity
    I support the same pay scale for both women and men (including trans-women and men) across all disciples and vocations as well as any measures that close the gaps between wage earners who are persons of color versus those who are identified as white. I also support paternal and maternal leave for all parents of at least 12 weeks per household.
  8. Sanctuary Cities, Communities, and Churches
    I support the installation of sanctuary cities, communities and Churches across Connecticut for the benefit of keeping families together until a path of legal residency and/or citizenship can be mapped out in detail.
  9. Building a Peace Economy
    Historically, the United States has been the largest supplier of arms and other war-making machines to the most volatile places in the known world. I wholeheartedly support divesting from bloated military industrial complex to reinvest into statewide infrastructure projects such as the installation of commuter rail lines in eastern Connecticut, as well as pursuing renewable energy projects using in wind, sun, and seawater as resources.
  10. Ending Mass Incarceration
    The United States boasts the largest prison population in the world. One of the ways to address white supremacy and systemic discrimination against persons of color is to end the school-to-prison pipeline that currently feeds the for-profit prison system running unchecked in this country. Restorative justice endeavors that seek to rehabilitate adjudicated youth and adults, as well as long-term investment in community-accessible outlets (ex. Boys and Girls Club, Inc. YMCA/YWCA etc.), are much more cost-effective means to rbd mass incarceration on a national scale.
  11. Increasing Voter Access
    I support automatic enrollment of all eligible voters as unaffiliated within six months of reaching voting age and automatic reinstatement of voting rights for youth and adults leaving the penal system. I support reopening of polling places staffed by persons who live in the neighborhoods being served that are accessible to the differently abled such as individuals in wheelchairs or who are deaf/blind.
  12. Eliminating Student Debt
    I advocate for the full elimination of existing student debt so that individuals and families can invest in purchasing their own home and life other pursuits without the threat of bankruptcy.

Michelle Louise Bicking, 

CT Green Party Nominee, CD#2

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